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AI for Customer Service Makes Everything More Convenient

Embrace AI and Drive Better Customer Experiences

AI isn’t taking over. It’s simply driving smarter processes for both customers and agents. Kustomer IQ contextualizes conversations, eliminates time- consuming tasks and deflects repetitive questions so everyone is less distracted and you reduce cost per contact.

Route conversations to specialized agents based on need.

Process simple, transactional interactions and auto responses.

Instantly engage and prioritize unhappy customers.

Establish an empathetic connection to calm frustrations.

Get to the root of every conversation with Kustomer IQ


Know Exactly Why Customers Contact You

High-growth brands can’t manage an influx of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating manual, time-consuming work, like sifting through queues, escalating issues, or processing transactions.

Kustomer IQ uses machine learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations, which can activate processes that expedite customer experiences and free agents for more valuable engagement.

Turn Insight Into Action

Let Kustomer IQ make smart decisions for you.

Automate Rules

Our business rules and workflow engines can perform simple to complex tasks, like escalate conversations or update data.

Route Conversations

Specialize your agents around the reasons your customers come in contact with your team.

Send Auto Responses

Responses to your most common questions can be automated, freeing up valuable time and energy.


Automate Low-Level 24/7 Service Without Hiring an Army

Our chatbots enable end-to-end resolution across chat, social and messaging applications to handle repetitive conversations and help customers view and their update information.

Our visual builder and templates enable you to easily create and deploy chatbot flows, along with capabilities to easily support customers around the world and understand chatbot behavior and success.

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Jump In When You’re Needed, Let Kustomer IQ Do the Rest

Kustomer IQ partners with your team to deflect easy questions and elicit details so agents can get a head start, or avoid repetitive inquiries, powered by your Knowledge Base content.

Leveraging semantic search, Kustomer IQ can deflect more than 40% of your conversations, and ensure your customers find exact answers to common questions when they reach out via form, email or chat.



Give Agents Wikipedic Power

It takes time to find the right answers, especially when you’re new and learning a ton of product information. Machine learning analyzes messages in real time and suggests relevant responses, equipping agents with accurate and helpful information so they’re experts on day one.



Take an Empathetic Approach

We all just want to be understood. Sentiment analysis helps agents empathize when emotions are heightened by identifying exactly how a customer is feeling, so your team can mirror emotions and calm frustrations.


Consistent, Global Support

Customers around the globe expect localized, personalized service from your company. Kustomer IQ instantly recognizes a customer’s origin language, and either routes to a native-speaking agent, or automatically translates responsive content.

Combine AI with Customer Service CRM and Better Manage High Support Volume Now.

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